Dog Reaches Higher Level of Consciousness While Tripping Balls on Mushrooms

Video captures a dog tripping balls on magic mushrooms.

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Tripping on shrooms is dope. Highly recommended. Everyone should try it. However, as anyone who's ever attempted to interact with a fellow human will tell you, tripping with other people is a bona fide drag, man. One minute you're sliding into the glorious abyss of your own existence, the next you're talking your friend down from staring directly into the bathroom mirror while repeatedly pushing on their eyeballs as the sounds of Sunn O))) fill your apartment (Pro tip: avoid all those things when shrooming out).

But what about dogs? We already know how good dogs are at at landing roles in Transformers sequels, saving kids' lives, riding public transit alone, and dominating the fashion game. Now, thanks to a video from YouTube user I Bmac recently unearthed by Bro Bible, we know that dogs not only seem to handle a trip better than lame-ass humans, some apparently seek out shrooms.

That's Roxy, a Border Collie described as a dog who "enjoys running around and playing at the ranch." According to a veterinarian, Roxy happened upon some "wild shrooms" in a nearby cow pie and promptly devoured them. The vet also told Roxy's owner that some dogs "actually seem to go looking" for similarly wild shrooms, which might explain why your respective plug keeps giving you the runaround.

Roxy made it through her very attentive trip unscathed, as the video shows her enjoying some trip-free downtime the very next day without issue.

Of course, none of this is meant as an endorsement of intentionally handing over shrooms and other psychedelic substances to your pet. That's a horrible idea and isn't recommended by anyone. Roxy's viral moment is simply the latest documented proof that, yes, dogs are not only cooler than cats, they're cooler than humans too. Respect that.

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