Hilarious Disloyal Man Meme Is an Instant Classic

Shutterstock is loaded with potential memes.

Disloyal Man meme.
Image via Shutterstock/Antonio Guillem
Disloyal Man meme.

The latest meme in dire need of a fascinating explainer is also an unfortunate example of the potential pitfalls of monogamy.

Still, your timeline has likely been flooded with endless variations of the following:

The meme, fittingly, stems from a Shutterstock image with the description "Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl." According to KnowYourMeme, the hilariously on-the-nose photo was first repurposed as a joke back in February by @@_dekhbai_ on Instagram.

The definitive version of Disloyal Man (also known as Man Looking at Other Woman and Distracted Boyfriend) didn't pop up until months later.

The possibilities for what this Disloyal Man can be so easily tempted by are limitless.

And, arguably, this is the reigning champion:

The Disloyal Man's ill-timed facial expression has since received quite a bit of attention from the press. Upon publication of this article, however, Disloyal Man will begin making plans to retire on Facebook alongside previous memes of the moment including Mocking SpongeBob, Arthur's Fist, Scumbag Steve, and Philosoraptor.

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