Couple on 10-Hour International Flight Realizes They’re Sitting in Someone Else’s Urine (UPDATE)

Never trust mystery liquids on an airplane. Always assume it's urine.

a plane and a container of urine are pictured
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a plane and a container of urine are pictured

UPDATED 1/18, 7:13 a.m. ET: A Qantas Airways rep tells Complex the company is "looking into" the urine incident on a Dec. 30 flight from Bangkok to Sydney.

 “All our international aircraft are cleaned between each flight, including vacuuming seats and disinfecting surfaces,” a rep said in an email. “We are looking into what has occurred and have raised the issue with our cleaning supplier in Bangkok, which cleaned the aircraft prior to departure. We have apologized to the customer and will be providing a refund as a gesture of goodwill.”

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Mystery urine is at the root of an incident on a recent 10-hour flight from Bangkok to Sydney.

That’s the word straight from the New Zealand Herald, which reported this week on a Wellington couple’s ultimately successful push for a refund after they unknowingly spent far too many hours in the company of a stranger’s piss.

The incident allegedly happened on a Qantas Airways flight on Dec. 30, with the two unidentified passengers first noticing a liquid they presumed to be spilled water on an airline-branded pillow. Additionally, a duty-free bag, which the couple said was holding approximately $70 in various items including a headphone case, was also wet after being placed on the floor in front of their seats. 

Deep into the flight, a passenger discovered “a pair of children’s underwear” under a seat, prompting a chilling revelation.

“Now we know that we have been sitting in urine for a 10-hour trip,” one passenger told the Herald.

Though the passengers say they were initially met with pushback over their more-than-reasonable request for a refund, their efforts did indeed end up resulting in exactly that.

Complex has reached out to Qantas Airways for comment. This story may be updated. In terms of positively puerile pee puns, the New York Post already has that on lock. And in case you were wondering, yes, we do have a designated page for news stories categorized under the banner of urine.

Of course, sitting in someone else's piss isn't the wildest thing to have happened on a plane, not even this year. As we covered when breaking down how relentless 2024 has already been when it comes to particularly preposterous headlines, an Alaska Airlines flight was recently forced to make an emergency landing after a door plug blew out in mid-air. Similarly, 2023 was filled to the brim with skybound salaciousness.

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