CNN's John King Kept Saying How Much 'Fun' 2020 Election Was and People Weren't Having It

King is known for his ability to point at a "magic wall" consisting of a map and colors and whatnot. While he may have been having fun, no one else was.


Image via Getty/Mike Coppola/WarnerMedia


While most of us were busy getting blasted out of our skulls while being inundated with very real fears about the very real impacts of the latest U.S. presidential election, one guy—namely, John King of CNN lore—was all geeked up on stats and maps and shit whilst having what he described as a "fun" time.

"This is why elections are fun," King told nerve-wracked viewers on Tuesday night, as noted in this GIF-filled documenting of the "magic wall" tapper's moves from Vulture's Justin Curto. Amazingly, King—to the united chagrin of America—would go on to use the "fun" descriptor multiple times.

The Inside Politics host's Election Night "fun," of course, was met with a tidal wave of frustration. Surely, that's why you're even reading this, so enjoy a selection of King mockery below:

As for how things are currently going as of Wednesday, former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is getting widespread praise for having recently predicted Trump's election strategy. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign, which is currently poised to win the election, is well-prepared in the event of Trump following through on his threat to attempt a court battle aimed at squashing votes. 


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