Chuck E. Cheese Selling Pizza Under Different Name on Grubhub and People Are Confused

Today in breaking news of the LMAOOOO variety, Chuck E. Cheese has been selling pizza under a different name on Grubhub and claims it's not the same pizza.


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Keep your wits about you when ordering seemingly innocuous pizza, as a lack of Chuck E. Cheese-related trivia knowledge might result in the social distancing-complicating arrival of a pie that only further amplifies one's trust issues.

Apparently, as many on the timeline are finding out with palpable chagrin, Chuck E. Cheese has been listing its services on delivery apps like Grubhub under the name "Pasqually's Pizza and Wings."

Chuck e Cheese really changed their name to Pasqually's Pizza cause no one wanted to eat their reused nasty ass pizza😂

— inkiad🏳️‍🌈 (@Inkiadk) May 18, 2020

And while many have understandably taken this move to mean that Chuck E. Cheese was aiming to offer up its usual attempted pizzas under a deceptive new name—assuming, of course, you're not familiar with the franchise character Pasqually P. Pieplate—the company claims that's not actually the case.

In a statement to Food & Wine in April that was included in a report about a Philadelphia Grubhub user's experience with Pasqually's Pizza & Wings, which included a rundown of how they learned the restaurant's address was the same as a Chuck E. Cheese location, a CEC Entertainment Inc. rep offered this: "CEC Entertainment, Inc. recently launched Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings nationwide. The inspiration was rooted in the desire to create a premium pizza while staying true to the CEC brand."

The rep added that Pasqually's does indeed share "kitchen space" with Chuck E. Cheese, though they claim the pizza isn't exactly the same. Instead, the rep said, it's "a different pizza that features a thicker crust and extra sauce."

Confusing? Fuck yes. Let's communally deal with that feeling:

Chuck E Cheese is selling their food as “Pasqually’s Pizza” on food apps because no one wants to order Chuck E. Cheese pizza for delivery and I think this is nominated as the funniest part of this pandemic

— Michael Mark (@mrcoolmike_) May 18, 2020

ummmm don’t make my mistake and order from “pasquallys pizza and wings” on grub hub... it’s literally a code name for chuck e. cheese 🤣 just searched the address of this restaurant and the address of the local chuck e. cheese and it’s the same

— Ms. Chevious (@boofprincesa) May 16, 2020

nobody wanted take out from Chuck E. Cheese, so they changed their name to Pasqually's on GrubHub, put a fake sign on their windows, and now they're trying to pass it off as (bad) marketing for a new restaurant launch.

— Red Bard (Kennedy) (@RedBardIsCool) May 18, 2020

Chuck E. Cheese should have a delivery option where the animatronic bear band brings you the pizza.

— Alex Hooper (@HooperHairPuff) May 16, 2020

I’m gonna have chuck e. cheese pizza at my wedding

— Mich (@_majesticm_) May 16, 2020

a google employee retweeted me so now im getting ppl in my mentions with like "brand manager" in their profile talking about how the pizza sold at pasqually pizza is actually different than chuck e cheese pizza despite being made at chuck e cheese by chuck e cheese employees

— Paul E. Cheesesteak (@paulbensonsucks) May 18, 2020

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