Bodega Turkey Sandwich With Ungodly Amount of Greens Perplexes Humankind

Sandwich looks tasty, to be honest.


Image via Getty/ Creativ Studio Heinemann


A sandwich with an amount of greens some may consider preposterous is of global interest on this otherwise somber Friday.

The intended turkey sandwich, documented for all to see by comedian/writer/producer Josh Gondelman (of Desus & Mero and Last Week Tonight), appears to be unfathomably stacked with spinach and, perhaps, other delightful greens. 

To be fair, spinach is delicious. And in the spirit of fulfilling my word count obligations before embedding a bunch of tweets, much can also be said of spinach's nutritional prowess. Kale still stands tall, however.

Gondelman later warned that this greens-overstuffed sandwich methology was growing into an "epidemic" of sorts, highlighting a similar act of handheld food construction that was Twitter-documented by comedian and lettuceheads-angerer Zak Toscani.

"Stay indoors," Gondelman advised.

Anyway, let's all down some extremely green sandwiches whilst enjoying some lively commentary on this artful occurrence:

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