Apple CEO Tim Cook Allegedly Stalked, Threatened by Virginia Woman Who ‘May Be Armed’

A restraining order has been granted in connection with the alleged behavior of the 45-year-old woman, who is alleged to have stalked the tech CEO.

Tim Cook is seen walking outside

Image via Getty/Drew Angerer

Tim Cook is seen walking outside

A temporary restraining order has been issued against a woman who “may be armed” and is accused of stalking Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The Virginia woman, according to a report from the Mercury News, is alleged by Apple to have been stalking Cook for over a year. She’s also accused of having emailed Cook photographs showing a loaded pistol, as well as trespassing at his residence. Included in the tech company’s application for a court order earlier this month were photos, tweets, and emails that are said to have originated from the woman.

The 45-year-old woman, according to Apple’s application, “may be armed and is still in the South Bay Area and intends to return to [Cook’s] residence or locate him otherwise in the near future.” Earlier into the alleged harassment, the woman is said to have publicly claimed that she believed she was Cook’s wife. Furthermore, she’s alleged to have claimed that Cook was the father of her twin children.

A judge granted Apple the restraining order last week, meaning the woman in question is now prohibited from possessing a gun and is blocked from interacting with Apple workers (as well as Cook). She is also not allowed to be on Apple property or to again attempt to visit Cook’s home in Palo Alto. PerMercury News, a hearing is now set for next month.

Complex has reached out to Apple for additional comment, as well as to the Palo Alto Police Department. This post will be updated accordingly.

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