Man Robs Utah Bank for $1, Asks to Be Sent to Federal Prison

A 65-year-old man walked into a Wells Fargo earlier this week and robbed the bank for $1, then later demanded to go to federal prison after he was arrested.

Photograph of a stack of dollar bills

Image via Getty/NurPhoto

Photograph of a stack of dollar bills

A 65-year-old man robbed a bank on Monday morning for just $1.

Fox News reports that Donald Santacroce walked into a Wells Fargo in Salt Lake City, Utah where he walked up to the bank teller and handed over a note that read, “Please pardon me for doing this but this is a robbery. Please give me $1.00. Thank you.”

Staff then asked him to leave after they gave him the money but he decided to stay put and wait for authorities in the lobby. He apparently also made a comment about how long the police were taking and that those in the bank were “lucky [he] didn’t have a gun,” per the arrest affidavit. That comment prompted the bank’s manager and employees to safely hide in the back room.

When police arrived, he handed the money over, admitted to robbing the bank, and said he wanted to go to federal prison since he committed a federal crime. He was arrested and later charged with felony robbery. 

It’s not known why he wanted to go to a federal prison. However, he told police that if he was released from jail, he would continue to rob banks until he was incarcerated in a federal facility.

No injuries were reported following the robbery. Santacroce is not in custody anymore. The robbery follows another arrest from last week when he was apprehended by Utah Highway Patrol for a DUI and careless driving, per NBC News. At the time, it was discovered that he was driving on a suspended Missouri license.

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