The Internet's Weird New Sexual Obsession: Real Estate Porn

Real estate porn has become weirdly and wildly popular on the internet.

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When it comes to porn, pretty much anything can be found somewhere on the internet. There's a porn parody of everything from Ninja Turtles to Full House, and there's even a high enough demand for Ted Cruz porn that his female lookalike got $10,000 for a shoot. Still, we wouldn't have expected this: A real-estate-themed porn series is the sixth-most-popular channel on Pornhub, with over 50,000 subscribers and nearly 400 million views.

The series, Property Sex, features scenes involving landords, real estate agents, and prospective tenants who will often go to great lengths to get their housing of choice, if you know what I mean.

"Property Sex puts you behind the camera as you make dirty sex videos with the naughtiest of desperate tenants and with the most alluring real estate agents," the series' description on Pornhub reads. "Become a client and take a tour with some of the finest real estate agents who are willing to do just about anything for a sale. Or become the dirty landlord dealing with hot, young tenants who don’t want to face eviction. Anything can happen and you get a first row seat to enjoy the POV action."

"I had another site called, and it didn't do half as well," Property Sex's owner, known only as Lizz, told ViceLizz explained to Complex that she actually owns a number of different sites, having worked in the porn industry for over a decade. 

"You always hear about teacher-student or office secretaries-and-their-boss typical scenarios, and many sites have been developed over the years over this concept, but nothing out there for my site​," she said. "This site got very popular all of a sudden. It was very strange, actually​."

As for what's made this venture so popular, we can only guess. Maybe people can relate to the desperation of the characters searching for housing, or maybe they get off on the power trip of imagining themselves as the landlords. But Lizz says she thinks it's "the whole fantasy of a hot real-estate agent selling homes with a client—not so much a power trip."

Whatever the reason, something about sex in the context of real estate apparently really taps into our collective psyche.

UPDATED 11:47 p.m. ET 6/9: This story was updated to include comment from Lizz. 

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