Ahead of the Fuller House premiere on Netflix a porn parody of its original series Full House has been released. The parody of the usually saccharine, but sometimes sweet, '90s staple joins the ranks of recent porn parodies such as Fap to the Future (Back to the Future) and Batman v. Superman XXX, which hasn't even been released yet. How flattering. Full Holes brings the gang back together to give new meaning to "Have mercy!" and "Cut. It. Out." 

Out Wednesday, Full Holes features Michelle (now Muffchelle) unlike Fuller House. TMZ reports the rest of the fam's names have also been changed. Originally played by Jodie Sweetin Stephanie Tanner is now Stuffme, D.J. is BJ (Can't say we didn't see that coming!), Danny Tanner is Handy Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler now goes by Kimmy Gobbler. Joey's friend Mr. Woodchuck is even a part of Full Holes. Spoiler alert: according to TMZ Gibbler and Uncle Jesse get it on. 

As for Fuller House, the 13-episode series will focus on D.J. now a widowed mom of three getting on with the help of sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy, featuring the rest of the Full House fam (sans Michelle). 

Fuller House premieres Feb. 26.