Grandma's Weed-Infused Christmas Duck Leaves Family Hallucinating in the Hospital

One family in the Czech Republic had an eventful Christmas dinner after their grandma served a weed-infused duck.

This is a photo of Thanksgiving.

Image via Getty/Nathan Benn

This is a photo of Thanksgiving.

On Christmas, one grandmother in the Czech Republic served duck to her family. But this was no ordinary Christmas dinner. Soon, they were vomiting and hallucinating, and an ambulance had to take six people—a three-year-old, a six-year-old, two men, and two women—to the hospital, RT reports.

The cause was originally believed to be carbon monoxide poisoning, but when investigators didn't find a gas leak in the house, they examined the food. It turned out the grandma had seasoned the duck with weed she used medicinally, thinking it was the herb marjoram. 

The Czech Republic has some of the world's most progressive laws around marijuana, with medical marijuana legal since 2013. Medical marijuana patients can have up to 30 grams per month, and others can possess up to 15 grams or five plants without facing criminal charges, though they may be fined. 

Nevertheless, police are looking into the specifics of this case, police spokesperson Gabriela Holčáková told the Czech publication Novinky, according to a Google translation.

Let's hope everyone's OK and grandma's weed supply will be replenished. 

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