This Compilation Highlights the 2,000 Lies Trump Has Told in Office

Relive a year of lies with this Jimmy Kimmel segment.

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Liar-in-chief Donald Trump claims he gets the "the honest and unfiltered message out" through his inane Twitter rants, but try telling that to the Washington Post, which has now recorded over 2,000 lies and misleading statements by the President. 

The publication's count hit 2,001, to be exact, on Tuesday, during an immigration meeting with lawmakers. The lies that helped him hit that milestone were that the U.S. could build a wall on the Mexico border in a year with "much less money than what they’re talking about," that the visa system works like a lottery where the U.S. takes "the worst of the worst" from other countries, and that the border wall will stop "tremendous numbers of people and drugs" from entering the country. 

All these statements are wrong, according to The Washington Post. In reality, Trump's wall would take at least four years and cost up to $25 billion, visas are granted through a strict application system, and the wall wouldn't keep out drugs because most are smuggled underground or through legal entry points anyway. 

Of course, though, facts have never stopped Trump from making statements with the utmost confidence. To look back on nearly a year of lies, Jimmy Kimmel put together a compilation (above) of Trump's false statements, from saying his victory was "the biggest electoral college win since Reagan" to claiming Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

"I don't stand by anything," he clarifies when asked if he stands by that last accusation. "You can take it the way you want it." That may be the only true statement he's ever made. 

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