Action Bronson, Wiz Khalifa, and The Game Get High and Talk Legalization at ComplexCon

America's marijuana biz is booming.

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With more states passing legislation to legalize the use of weed, and Prop 64 picking up new supporters daily, the industry is not only thriving, but continues to be one of America's most fascinating storylines.

Action Bronson, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Los Arias, and Dr. Dina (who opened California's first weed dispensary) joined Noah Rubin, Editor-in-Chief ofMerry Jane, at ComplexCon to discuss how the marijuana industry has become one of the most profitable in America.  

Bronson comes onto the panel stage smoking a joint, and yells, "Yeah, light that shit up!" The Game walks in behind him, blunt lit, coughing loudly. Khalifa follows suit, and within ten minutes, several joints have been passed amongst the panelists and everyone is visibly high.

Predictably, the talk is filled with many tangential asides. What starts as a discussion on making money in the weed business turns into a mostly humorous conversation about the joys of smoking, how hip-hop influenced weed culture and the importance of legalizing weed.

Here are some of the highest things that happened at ComplexCon's business of weed panel:

1. The Game shares a story about what happened when Dr. Dina gave him his first taste of an edible. He said he was so high he spent the entire plane ride home trying to convince his seatmate that someone was on the wing of the plane.

2.When asked about the first time he got high, Action Bronson admits he can barely remember it. "I've been high for 20 years," he said.

3. The panelists discuss the drawbacks of Prop 64, and how legalizing weed makes it less cool in a way. "I like buying weed illegally sometimes," admits Bronson.


4. "Stoners are the best fucking workers," says Dr. Dina. "We don't fight, and we show up on time because we want to go home and smoke."

5. Bronson says he wants to sell healthy edibles "not only to get blasted, but to get the flavor of kush on a nice sea bass." 

6. The Game says: "Weed lives matter." (which, what?)


7. Dr Dina recalls the time she helped Wiz clean his glass pieces. "What else did you tell me that day?" she prompts him. "That's a secret" Khalifa says as he looks down sheepishly. (Theories, anyone?)

8. The panelists discuss how bad weed is also a business. The Game compares it to going to the mall and having the option of buying your sneakers at Payless or Foot Locker.

9. Action Bronson shouts to someone off stage who brings up a giant ziplock bag of weed. When he sits down with it, The Game thrusts a wad of cash in his direction. Bronson proceeds to break up a nug on a 20-dollar bill. 


10. With just two minutes left in the show, Bronson looks down at the plush blue carpet, captivated. "I'm about to roll this up and take this home with me."


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