Chance the Rapper Thinks Obama Should Be Mayor of Chicago

In the June/July 2016 issue of Complex, Chance the Rapper says he wants President Obama to be mayor of Chicago.

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Chance the Rapper and Lin-Manuel Miranda cover the June/July 2016 issue of Complex, and during their conversation with Nadeska Alexis, they discussed the end of the Obama presidency. The Pulitzer Prize winning writer and star of Hamilton, Miranda joked that President Obama should "drop a mixtape."

A Chicago native and 2013 Complex cover star, Chance emphasized that his city needs a new mayor and that Obama could be the right person for the job: "He makes a lot of great, non-partisan decisions and he’s obviously spent a lot of time in Chicago on the South Side."

Both Chance and Miranda have ties to President Obama, have both spent time with him. "This might sound weird," Chance told Complex, "but Lin can probably attest to this—when you meet Barack, when you talk to him, you can tell he’s a very good man, you know? I met him when I was really young, and I still have that same impression when I see him nowadays."

Read Chance the Rapper and Lin-Manuel Miranda's full cover story here and purchase the June/July issue here.​

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