If Donald Trump Shines In Houston Debate, He Might Be Unstoppable

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Houston, Texas -- Over the past few months, we’ve watched the 2016 presidential candidates go head-to-head in debates, caucuses and primaries across the States, but the Republican Debate on Thursday, February 25 is really important, since Super Tuesday is right around the corner on March 1.

Super Tuesday will be the biggest voting day of the campaign so far, with 12 states and 1 territory casting votes for the candidates of their choice. It's also a chance for candidates to win over delegates -- the representatives specifically selected by each party -- and winning delegates essentially means more votes.

You can think of Super Tuesday as the campaign transitioning to a national level, after smaller battles in states like South Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire. The winners there are usually a big indicator of who the final nominees from each party will be.

We’ll stay tuned to see if Trump will put on his usual show at the debate tonight, but this is definitely a make or break night for Texas Senator Ted Cruz. If he’s not able to perform well in his home state, Super Tuesday won’t be looking very good for him.

Earlier predictions indicated that Trump would crash and burn by this point, but now the Republican party is dealing with the cold, hard, fact that he’s remained steady at number one, even without big political endorsements. So, the GOP is likely bracing for the idea that Trump is here to stay. 

Tune in to the Complex NEWS YouTube livestream at 8p.m. EST, where we'll be broadcasting live from the Republican Debate in Houston, Texas.





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