Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire voters have made their choice for presidential candidates.

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It may already feel like presidential campaigning has been happening for years, but it's just beginning to heat up. Today New Hampshire led the nation's first primary, which CNNreports that Donald Trump is projected to win for the GOP and Bernie Sanders will win for the Democratic party.

Numbers have been tight for the Democrats following the Iowa Caucus, which Hillary Clinton's campaign won with a 0.3 percent lead over Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz won with 27.7 percent of the vote for Republicans, while Donald Trump finished in second with 24.4 percent, and Marco Rubio landed in third with 23.1 percent. Rubio also took a significant hit in last week's Republican debate from candidates across the board, but especially Chris Christie. Martin O'Malley's inevitable withdrawal followed the Iowa Caucus after months of lagging behind both Sanders and Clinton.

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