Donald Trump Jr. Couldn't Believe Poor People in India Smile

Donald Trump Jr. recently made some remarks about how surprised he was to see poor people in India smiling.

donald trump jr

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donald trump jr

Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. was not aware that poor people could, in fact, be happy too. Trump Jr. is currently on a trip in India and could not believe his eyes when he saw poor people on the street flashing their pearly whites.

"I don’t want to be glib but you can see the poorest of the poor and there is still a smile on a face," he said to an NBC News affiliate in India. "It is a different spirit than that which you see in other parts of the world and I think there is something unique about that."

Trump Jr. continued: "I know some of the most successful businessmen in the world, and some of them are the most miserable people in the world." Maybe he was throwing shade at his pops? Who knows? But it's very clear that this guy isn't familiar with the phrase 'money can't buy happiness.' 

He is currently visiting the country on a promotional trip to help sell luxury apartments bearing the Trump name. He will also be hosting a dinner for any of the buyers later in the week because who doesn't want to be in the presence of President Trump's youngest son after dropping your hard earned stacks on a new apartment, am I right? The properties are reportedly going for anywhere from $775,000 to $1.5 million meaning that, based on Trump Jr.'s recent remarks, they will be inhabited by a ton of 'miserable' people.

In other words, these prices aren't exactly catering to the locals. According to a 2017 report by the Times of India, an average citizen in the Delhi territory in which the properties are being built makes a paltry $4,600 a year.  

While Donald Trump promised his company would not undertake any new foreign deals during his presidency for very obvious ethical reasons, it's still definitely sketchy territory for it to be operating any sort of business undertaking tied to his name whether he is actively participating in them or not. 

Well, at least one positive has come from Trump Jr.'s trip to India. He learned that being spoiled and rich isn't the only way that someone can achieve happiness after all. 

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