Two Passengers Exchange Fists on Southwest Flight to Hawaii

It's unclear what caused the fight, but another passenger managed to get in-between before anyone got seriously hurt.

(Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Two passengers on a Southwest flight to Hawaii got into a fistfight while the plane was in midair causing chaos amongst others on the trip.

According to NBC News, the incident occured on Feb. 12 and the flight came from Oakland, California and was on its way to Hawaii when two men got into it. About an hour after takeoff, video footage showed a man standing in the aisle and wearing a baseball cap confronting another male standing in a row of seats.

The man in the row of seats slapped the other man's arm which caused him to throw a punch. Eventually more punches started flying as flight attendants and other passengers tried to break them up. Another male got in-between them and pulled one of them away as they continued to insult each other.

“Our reports indicate that two customers became disruptive onboard flight 1288 from Oakland to Lihue," Southwest Airlines said in a statement acquired by NBC News. ”We commend our crew and customers for their professionalism in diffusing this situation. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. The flight landed safely at its scheduled destination, and local authorities met the aircraft upon arrival.”

Aggression on airlines are nothing new as something similar happened in April 2023 when a man became enraged and berated flight attendants over a crying baby on the flight. In March 2023, a passenger record somone trying to stab another person with a spoon that was turned into a weapon.   

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