Viral Wide-Necked Florida Man Arrested Again on Aggravated Stalking Charges

Florida's Charles McDowell, whose noticeably wide neck caused a 2018 mugshot of his to go viral, is back behind bars and is facing multiple charges.

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A Florida man whose noticeably wide neck caused a 2018 mugshot of his to go viral, is back behind bars and facing multiple charges.

Per local outlet KCBY, Charles Dion McDowell, who was arrested in 2018 on drug charges related to methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana, has now been charged with aggravated stalking and withholding support for a child or spouse, according to the Escambia County Jail website. 

The arrest report stated that police were called to a local residence after McDowell showed up at a woman’s house and sent her threatening text messages. A warrant had already been out for McDowell’s arrest since August.

Following his viral mugshot in 2018, the 35-year-old posted bail and immediately capitalized on his newfound fame. He became part of The Shrimp Gang, a collective comprised of online celebrities, and has since accrued over a million Instagram followers. McDowell has also released numerous rap music videos under the moniker “Wide Neck,” often collaborating with his fellow neck-related internet star “Daddy Long Neck.” His most recent music video was 2020’s “First Day Out,” which currently has over 833,000 views on YouTube.

In a previous interview with DJ Small Eyez, McDowell clarified that his viral neck isn’t due to a medical condition.

“It don’t affect nobody, it’s just my neck,” he said. “It ain’t stop me from doing anything I wanted to do. It ain’t no medical condition, it ain’t no disabled condition, it’s just my neck.”

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