The iPhone 7's Dead Headphone Jack and AirPods Are Being Dragged All Over Twitter

Apple announced the iPhone 7 won't have a headphone jack, in addition to AirPods, and Twitter is running wild.

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If you're a fan of Apple products, today has probably been an exciting day for you. But if you're a fan of Apple products with headphone jacks, well, today has probably not been a very exciting day for you.

"What's that? The iPhone 7 for real has no headphone jack?"

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) September 7, 2016

If you missed the event, here's everything you need to know. But the main takeaway is that Apple took the beloved headphone jack away from us. 

but without a visible headphone wire how will men on public transportation know i never want to talk to them #AppleEvent

— Jessica Goldstein (@jessicagolds) September 7, 2016

true innovation would have been replacing the headphone jack with a flapjack

— Denny’s (@DennysDiner) September 7, 2016

Of course, Apple has made believers out of countless skeptics over the years. Until we can be convinced that removing the headphone jack isn't a terrible idea, though, Twitter is gonna let Apple know how they really feel. After all, headphones used to be a huge part of Apple's marketing:

"We're going to move from an open standard to a closed, proprietary, expensive competitor because COURAGE." #AppleEvent

— Ben Werdmuller (@benwerd) September 7, 2016

Courage. D-Day. Moon landing. Removing the headphone port.

— Jason 🤳🏻 Chen (@diskopo) September 7, 2016

Switching to Android solely because they had an opportunity to call them "AirBuds" and didn't. #AppleEvent

— Baylor (Checkmark) (Parody) (@theBaylorJ) September 7, 2016

Instead of gracefully taking an L, Apple tried to make it seem like they were some sort of heroes for their decision to eliminate the headphone jack, saying, "It comes down to one word: Courage."

Twitter had no time for that:

I also need to figure out how to get the Air Pods to stay under my ears. #AppleEvent

— Air Bud 🏀🐕 (@AIRBUD) September 7, 2016

"Tired of headphone cords getting tangled in your pocket? Well, what if we told you that you could lose your earbuds immediately?"

— Sen. Lemon Gogurt (I - Podcastia) (@Ugarles) September 7, 2016

I've been searching for a set of headphones that would be even easier for me to lose, and more expensive.

— Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) September 7, 2016

Apple will also be selling wireless headphones for $159, which they're calling "AirPods." There was an obvious missed marketing opportunity there, since we'll all agree "AirBuds" would've been a better name:

If only there was some kind of string to keep people from losing these...

— Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson) September 7, 2016

"ay fam pass me the adapter and the aux cord and the charger"

— imhotteronline (@imhotteronline) September 7, 2016

The tiny, disconnected AirPods will make it a lot easier for you to lose your headphones:

Banning all the owners of iPhone 7 for calling 'Shotgun' from here on in. #AuxCord #AppleEvent

— Hahaakar (@aakarcr) September 7, 2016

The biggest tragedy of all, however, is the death of the aux cord, which will be replaced by a lightning adapter:

And, of course, it wouldn't be a complete list of Twitter reactions without a J. Cole reference:

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