Bought Because Apparently Clown Porn Is a Thing Now just bought because demand for clown porn is evidently skyrocketing.

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As the country continues to freak out over clowns, clowns are getting kinkier. For example, Brazzers just released a new clown-themed porn scene, which is about as weird as you'd expect. Others in the porn industry are clowning around too. In fact, just bought—because demand for clown porn is evidently skyrocketing. Whatever floats your boat, I guess, right? VP Charles Anderson explained the decision to XBIZ: "Clowns can generate some powerful feelings in people [and] so will our content."

“Clowns can generate some powerful feelings"— head on its purchase of

— Elizabeth Nolan Brown (@ENBrown) October 26, 2016

In fact, after the clown craziness began this fall, claims there was a 173 percent increase in clown-related searches, which "are undoubtedly due to the unexplained sightings." The top clown searches include simply "clown porn" but also "sexy clown," "dirty clown," "creepy clown," "circus sex," and "lesbian clowns." In the NSFW post (which features multiple clown porn clips), claims "clown porn" is 24 percent more likely to be viewed by women.

But the rise of clown porn goes beyond According to the Mirror, xhamster, another pornography website, saw searches for clown porn increase by 50 percent. Even escorts can't escape the trend—with clients asking for girls to dress up as clowns or asking if they can be dressed up as clowns, the Mirror reported.

Still, I suppose it's better for clowns to get screwed instead of getting stabbed or pistol-whipped, which recently happened to some other, less sexual clowns.

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