With all the creepy clown craziness, some businesses are distancing themselves from the scary and creepy costumes. But one industry is embracing them: porn.

Brazzers, one of the leaders in the adult entertainment industry, has released an official trailer for the "most horrifying clown scene ever featured on the site," according to a press release. With that said, I'm a bit curious (or, perhaps more accurately, concerned) about how many other horrifying clown porn scenes might be out there.

The scene stars Veruca James and is titled "I Had The Strangest Dream Last Night." Inspired by classic horror films, the scene will "make Halloween scary again." Because nothing screams "scary Halloween" like pornography, of course.

In the safe-for-work trailer (which you can watch above), Veruca is first seen tossing and turning in bed, before images of laughing clowns flash across the screen. In her "dream," Veruca walks down spooky hallways with crime scene tape, while the clown says, "I eat the dreams of men while they sleep." Veruca is also seen in a rocking chair in front of a brick wall. In addition to the creepier and less sexual shots, Veruca is also shown oiled up while getting a massage from the clown—but "this clown has greater plans for the starlet than a simple massage," according to the press release.

According to Trendzz, which is Brazzers' SFW site, the clown, named "The Dreameater," is "a composite of horror characters that have been immortalized in American horror film culture." Freddy Krueger, for example, also appeared in dreams, and The Dreameater's costume is clearly inspired by Pennywise, the clown from It. If you only heard about the scene from Brazzers' PR, you'd think that they made the next classic horror film, rather than, you know, a porn scene.