Someone Called 911 To Complain About Their Tim Hortons Order

Police reminded citizens to only call 911 for an actual emergency.

Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Someone from Toronto called the police after Tim Hortons gave them the wrong order.

According to the Toronto Star, Peel police shared the recording of a call made to 911 following a non-life-threatening complaint from a Tim Hortons customer.

Twitter: @PeelPolice

"So, basically, I bought an iced cap from Tim Hortons," the caller said.

The operator immediately interrupted them asking if the situation was a "life or death emergency."

"No, it's like, I bought one but then, they are not giving me a replacement," they continued.

The operator then told the caller that they would give him the number for the Non-Emergency line.

"I think I'm good," the caller responds.

The brief clip ends with the Peel police showing viewers a graphic that explains the appropriate situations for someone to call 911.

While the call happened many months ago, Constable Tyler Bell-Morena says calls like this happen all the time.

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