Peace Collective & TeaPot Join Forces On 'Stop the Stigma' Capsule for Pardons Canada

Peace Collective and TeaPot are teaming up to release the new ‘Stop the Stigma’ clothing capsule with proceeds going to Pardon Canada’s efforts.

Peace Collective Stop the Stigma

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Peace Collective Stop the Stigma

Toronto casual wear brand Peace Collective and TeaPot are teaming up to release the new ‘Stop the Stigma’ clothing capsule with all proceeds going to Pardons Canada’s efforts in helping people with cannabis-related convictions obtain pardons, record suspensions, U.S. entry waivers, and file destructions.

The capsule includes a white t-shirt, a green hoodie, and a beige tote bag with a large marijuana leaf stamped in the centre with “Stop the Stigma” written in a circle around it.

The collaboration aims to serve those who were convicted of cannabis possession and didn’t have other criminal records. In 2019, the Canadian government began issuing pardons for cannabis-related offenders and estimated that more than 250,000 Canadians could be impacted by this new initiative.

According to their press release, Pardons Canada will be able to remove a cannabis offence from one person’s file for every $1,000 raised.

TeaPot is a cannabis-infused iced tea-making company that launched in Western Canada in early 2022 and expanded to Ontario in December.  They are a part of The Boston Beer Company, the company behind brands like Samuel Adams, Truly Hard Seltzer, and Twisted Tea.

“Everyone benefitting from legalized cannabis, even newcomers like TeaPot, have a responsibility to recognize the inequitable history of the industry and play a part in righting those wrongs. I am confident our drinkers will embrace the message behind this collaboration as we strive to stop the stigma and support Pardons Canada’s excellent work,” said Paul Weaver, Director and Head of Cannabis at The Boston Beer Company in the press release.

The collection is currently available today on the Peace Collective website in limited quantities with prices ranging from $35 for the tote to $95 for the hoodie.

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