New York City is Giving Bus Tickets to Migrants Who Want to Leave for Canada

Migrants living in New York City have decided to leave and start a new life in Canada amidst concerns that the city’s crime level has deteriorated.

Canada American border flags

Canada American border flags

Canada American border flags

New York City is giving bus tickets to migrants who want to leave for Canada, according to the New York Post.

The National Guard has been handing migrants tickets at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. The New York Post added that these tickets were free for the migrants and had been paid for by New York City taxpayers.

Raymond Peña, a Venezuelan native who migrated to the United States with his family, was one of those migrants who received a ticket, according to the Post. He was dropped off at a Plattsburgh, New York, gas station.

“The military gave me and my family free bus tickets,” Peña told the New York Post. “I am going to Canada for a better quality of life for my family.”

According to one of the Post’s City Hall sources, New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ administration, as well as several nonprofit organizations, have set up a program for migrants that allows them to travel to other cities, should they choose.

The New York Post added that these programs cannot bring the migrants to the Canadian border themselves, as immigration laws in the United States prohibit it.

Once the migrants arrive in Plattsburgh, they tear up their American immigration documents to disguise their migrant status.

One of the bus drivers, Tyler Tambini, explained that five buses travel between New York City and Plattsburgh daily.

“There’s gotta be 100 people a day,” said Tambini, 23. “I do this all day. They get dropped off and I take them the rest of the way.”

Roxham Road along the New York-Quebec border is a popular, albeit dangerous, border crossing for migrants. A man recently died going the other direction, from Canada to the United States, due to hypothermia.

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