Kendrick Lamar's "DNA" Inspired This Guy to Make a Fire Video Resume

"I got internship on internship inside my resume."

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Ah, yes. The quiet desperation of kickstarting your career. We all know the feeling, some of us better than others. These days, it's essentially mandatory for anyone in pursuit of a job with a certain skillset to gain experience via internships first. And the easiest path to that dream job is to intern for exactly who and where you want to end up. 

Dawayne Kirkland knows what he wants, and it's an internship with VaynerMedia. If you're unfamiliar, the company is a "full-service digital agency built for the now," run by Gary Vaynerchuk​, who's well-known in the entrepreneur space, in addition to being an author, vlogger, and public speaker. In order to put himself in a prime position to be hired, the Cazenovia College grad submitted a hella unique supplement to his job application, which VaynerMedia required. And that was his very own take on the don Kendrick Lamar's explosive "DNA" track. For the video itself, Dawayne placed himself on the cover of Lamar's DAMN. album and edited his mouth to move along with the lyrics he spit. 

"I got, I got, I got, I got internship on internship inside my resume," Dawayne starts off. "In that visual communications I got BFA/Every time I get behind computer I make a souffle/I can fix your homie website, I can even illustrate." Dawayne continues, letting y'all know he's a hard worker: "Wasn't born with this/I've grown with this throughout my education/I perform with this/On daily basis, I be detonating."

Since he uploaded the video Monday, it's gotten more than 800,000 views on YouTube, making it the No. 2 video trending on the entire platform. Some of that came courtesy of Reddit, as Dawayne's (very good) friend submitted it to the r/videos subreddit page

No word on if Dawayne actually scored the internship—I mean, he did just upload the video two days ago—but Gary Vaynerchuk has at least seen it: he retweeted the video Wednesday morning, so that's gotta be a good sign.

Just for old times' sake, here's Kendrick's OG version. Enjoy the flames.

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