First of All, This 'First of All' Meme Is the Best Thing Happening on Twitter Right Now

First of all, do you even know how to meme, bro?


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It's been a minute since we've had a fire meme on our hands. So when the "first of all" meme blew across Twitter over the weekend, a warm, nostalgic feeling washed over me, and I knew it was time. I felt it in my bones.

If you've never had an argument with a generally sassy human being, you may be unfamiliar with the importance of the phrase. At face value, "first of all" is an immediate indication that you have fucked up in the way you've spoken to someone, forcing them to correct you off top. It's also a secret stalling approach that gives the person saying "first of all" time to think of a "second of all."

hobbies include saying “first of all” when i have no second point to make

Some "first of all" memes were specific to Twitter:

"You never like any of my tweets"

First of all, I have you muted.

While others crossed over to the real world:

“hey shorty”

first of all I’m taller than you
"You obviously can't do without me"

First of all, you're not my phone charger.
“do u shower with ur hijab on”

first of all, I don’t shower

Some were real AF:

"Can't relate with your tweets"

First of all, my tweets are not your relatives
"you're so cute when you're shy "

first of all, i have anxiety
"Wow handcuffs? You're freaky 👅"

First of all, you're under arrest.
“Go and message your other girls”

First of all, you are the other girl

Even Netflix got in on the fun:

“Are you still watching"

First of all, I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough

But the best ones overall were deliciously meta:

"Take off your jacket"

First of all, mans not hot
“who got you smiling at your phone like that?”

first of all no human is interested in me, i’m just laughing at “first of all” joke tweets

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