Every so often, the internet blesses us, its lowly constituents, with a hot meme. The long Labor Day weekend was the perfect time for us to stumble into a new one, and my God, is it a winner.

While some of the most popular memes come from 'Murrica, the latest one that I'm about to share with you comes from across the way, in the U.K. Comedian Michael Dapaah from London visited BBC Radio 1Xtra's "Fire in the Booth" show, hosted by Charlie Sloth. Dapaah starts off as the confidence-lacking MC Quakez, but soon switches over to the show-stealing character Roadman Shaq, who dons a larger-than-life parka and an even bigger personality. It didn't take long for some genius out there to clip the best part of the session: Roadman Shaq legitimately scatting his ass off. It was a meme waiting to happen, and the wonderful people of Twitter took it and ran with it.

Some memes used the actual audio and visuals from the video:

me: gently adds fries into the pot
the oil: pic.twitter.com/GtvnYLNRit

— ROSE GLITTER (@lilbabycurl) September 3, 2017

"Man a little bit of dairy ain't hurt nobody"

My butt 30 minutes later: pic.twitter.com/tRzGZTqA1W

— 🍎🍏 (@nellychillin) September 3, 2017

"Men, since moaning during sex is gay...what noise you make instead."

me: pic.twitter.com/9Xc29X9bUj

— Killa Sam (@SamCruzin) August 29, 2017

While other people got creative and stripped the audio for incredible mashups:

never watching a pirate copy of saving private ryan again pic.twitter.com/cssjIDsgIE

— Callum 🔵 (@DisabledMidget) September 1, 2017

Big Ben's Final Ting pic.twitter.com/GYs7a4hZFv

— Dolan Dark (@DolanDark) September 2, 2017

Some people (who obviously like a challenge) tried their hand at just sounding it out—and they did a pretty damn good job at it:

the ting go.. skrrra pap pap ka ka ka skidiki pap pap and a pu pu drrrr boom SKYAAA du du ku ku tun tun poom poom pic.twitter.com/CkVTlVSk6S

— c (@chuuzus) August 31, 2017

the ting goes
pap pap kak kak kak
skibidipap pap
and a
du du
kun kun
boom boom

~ milk and honey

— Tobi (@bobimono) September 2, 2017

ma your mcm can't make the ting go skrrra pap pap ka ka ka skidiki pap pap and a pu pu drrrr boom SKYAA du du ku ku tun tun poom poom

— ‏ً (@litdesu) August 30, 2017

A bonus meme from the video spun off from another Roadman Shaq line, this one much simpler: "Man's not hot."

Danny: Jon its 97 degrees in the middle of June. Take off the jacket

Jon: Babes......... MANS NOT HOT pic.twitter.com/zvdjlgFFrJ

— Big Baller LaFlare (@Krieg_La_Flare) August 30, 2017

The Girl: Take off your jacket

Skepta: Babes... Mans not hot pic.twitter.com/Fe1pUAKj97

— Brandon 🇿🇦 (@KubrickJr) September 2, 2017

she told me take off:

🔘 the jacket
⚪️ the coat
⚪️ the shirt

i said babes:

⚪️ mans not lukewarm
⚪️ mans not tepid

— J. (@SantanJ_) September 3, 2017

Either way you slice it, Dapaah's booth session is an instant classic. The comedian is even getting the track played at real-ass events:

Listen this song is actually shutting down parties I am done 😱❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾 ⬇️⬇️ ....2 much love for u guys! pic.twitter.com/Bv5HU1mits

— Michael Dapaah (@MichaelDapaah) September 3, 2017

You can watch the full 23-minute sketch below to hear what else the ting does.