Cannabis Brands Giving Back for 4/20 & Beyond

This 4/20, you can support the organizations fighting for equity and change within the cannabis industry while advocating growth for your communities.


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With 4/20 upon us, it is no surprise to reiterate that cannabis is the new green gold rush. The industry, its impact on American life, and how it can change lives are buoyed by an almost comical level of growth, with cannabis spending estimated to hit $57 billion worldwide by 2027. New York recently became the 16th state in the United States to allow legal adult use of the sticky-icky-icky, but as legalization continues to sweep through the nation, it is also worth noting the rise of bud-infused nonprofits like NORML and FOCUS, and how they honor their communities by giving back to communities hardest hit by past transgressions.

Issues still remain as to how America can rectify the trauma and assault on Black and Brown people who were disproportionately affected by racially motivated arrests, but through advocacy and common sense policy suggestions, it is a hope of (at least) 65 percent of Americans who support legalization, that the rights of every American negatively impacted by prohibition get restitution and a chance to impact their communities and the world at large.

The cannabis community is already tight-knit, and while some mainstream organizations are turned off by the “stigma” it carries, other companies are empathetically contributing to give back to causes near and dear to its collective heart. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Complex salutes these eight greenhouse gas-fueled businesses that care deeply about spreading the love and giving back to the communities (that you should most definitely be supporting).

Location: Florida

Wherever cannabis can be found, sold, smoked, and shared—you’ll find Magical Butter right there in lockstep. As the premier way to make your own infused butter, oil, and tinctures, Magic Butter does more than just make you happy in your heart, as a company it also spreads cheer through charity. CEO Garyn Angel has a foundation called Cheers to Goodness, which helps families with critically ill kids get the medicine they need by covering medical and relocation expenses. Magic Butter also donated 420 MagicalButter MB2e machines to Puerto Rico during the 2018 Puerto Rico MedCann.Bizz Conference to help cannabis patients who were in need there.

Thank you @jollymeds for making James's day brighter along with so many other patients! #givingback #420 #marijuana

— Weed for Good (@WeedforGood) February 12, 2016

Location: San Francisco

This cannabis nonprofit provides free medical cannabis and education to low-income patients who suffer from chronic and terminal illnesses. A West Coast staple, Weed For Good also operates across the entire state of California, but in delivering no-cost cannabis, those in need have access to brands like Dosist, Meadow, Kiva, and Eaze—with ease. Hospitals and other nonprofits aided by volunteers and powered by the generosity of the cannabis community help this place to run smoothly, so, if you’re down to put $5 on it, you’ll be doing a great service to those who could use it.

Location: Oregon

Celebrating women is an everyday, every year occasion when it comes to this brand. Led by an incredibly talented group of women, Tokeativity hosts a variety of cannabis events nationwide that are empowering and impressive if you’re ever in-person to attend. In addition to that, green-loving folx can utilize Tokeativity’s job board, online classes, work for trade areas, and more. To continue in giving back to the cannabis community, Tokeativity also donates time, money, and resources to a variety of nonprofits that support women, including Planned Parenthood, Women of Wisdom, Mothers Advocating for Medical Marijuana for Autism,, and Warrior Sisters.

Location: California

Known for their exceptionally dank weed, Bloom Farms is equally as popular for their philanthropy work. Based in the Oakland, Bloom Farms is extremely passionate about social good, so much so that for every product purchased, a healthy meal is donated to someone in need. Since 2015, the California cannabis company has donated over 2.5 million meals to food-insecure individuals.


Location: California

If you are looking for some of the finest flowers in the land, Heavy Grass is the MVP you should cop from. Why? Well, simply put, it is the gandhiji of the creative gods. The company and cannabis is so good that when they are not producing pakalolo, they’re a true supporter of the arts. Whenever someone purchases from Heavy Grass, a portion of their proceeds goes to music-focused charities like Music Saves Lives, MusiCares, and the T.J. Martell Foundation with the aim of continuing to support the arts community.

Location: Ohio

A trusted source of premium CBD products in and around Ohio, Mello CBD boasts quality products that offer the best and most extensive collection of hemp products. With items that are perfect for those dealing with anxiety and stress, those who purchase Mello CBD help the company to donate 10 percent of all sales to The Last Prisoner Project, a cannabis reform nonprofit dedicated to criminal justice reform.

Location: N/A

Ryan Lee, co-founder of the CBD, hemp, and THC company Alive & Kicking, has been affected by the Black Lives Matter movement and the subsequent attacks on Asian-American and Pacific Islanders. “The recent events have really weighed on me heavily, especially being Korean American,” Lee shared in an emailed press release. “The most recent news just being the final straw.” In an attempt to be of service, Alive & Kicking is donating 2 percent of all proceeds to Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC).

Location: Detroit

With Earth Day and 4/20 happening so close to one another, Empire Brands wants to make sure that cannausers can make a sincere attempt to help those in need. From Tuesday, April 20 to Thursday, April 22, “Trees for Trees,” will receive $1 from each jar of flower sold to help plant trees within one of nine countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. “Providing industry-leading products is a huge focus of ours,” says Empire’s Oday Hamade in a statement. “However, we also understand that our environment, community and patients are equally as important.” The Trees for Trees promotion will also be available at select locations. You can go to the website for more information.

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