Twitter Might Be Changing Up Your Timeline Next Week


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If you were moderately annoyed when Twitter switched its "favorites" feature to something that is essentially a clone of Facebook’s "likes," prepare to be really enflamed.

The company, which is struggling to build user growth, is reportedly planning to switch up your timeline from real time to algorithm-based as early as next week, according to BuzzFeed. If the word algorithm sounds familiar, that’s because Facebook already uses it as a basis for their timelines.

The change is meant to make the social media platform more accessible to newcomers who might find the chronological timelines confusing. Back in July, CEO Jack Dorsey commented on the company‘s willingness to experiment with changes. "We continue to show a questioning of our fundamentals in order to make the product easier and more accessible to more people," he said.  

It’s currently unknown whether the new timeline will be mandatory or opt-in. At least status updates are still 140 characters.

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