Here Are the Most Popular Porn Searches by State

The results varied.

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If there’s one thing Americans love more than arguing over politics, it’s thoroughly searching for and eventually watching porn. The popular pastime has even made its way pop culture through the ever rising porn parodies like Full House, in honor of the recently rebooted Netflix series. And despite clearing your browser history, the internet never forgets what you searched for. That’s why PornHub was able to compile its list of the most popular searches by state.

It seems like the America really loves seeing two women touch each other because "lesbian" ranked in as the top searched term. If only the majority of the country felt the same way about other tantalizing phrases like "feminism," "affordable access to birth control," "equal pay," "sexual assault not determined by clothing choice," and "porn is not a realistic portrayal of sex."

States like Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Ohio and Maine were crazy for "step sister" while "step mom" received high ranks in Alaska, Washington, Kentucky and New Hampshire. If you see an ad for cartoon porn, your brethren in Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee and Vermont are most likely watching. As for "ebony" and "black?" No surprise here that those terms are big in the South.

Happy searching!

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