Fox News Bro Says Men Have It Worse Than Women


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If Stacey Dash has taught us anything, it’s that Fox News doesn’t always operate on sense. Never was this more apparent than when a panel of well-rounded guests got together to discuss women participating in the military draft. During a segment for the political comedy The Greg Gutfeld Show, the group addressed different aspects of equality in what is supposed to be satire. Allegedly. 

Gavin McInnes, who is absolutely hilarious, asserts that women only want equality for the "fun things." Because, you know, being able to vote, having access to birth control and achieving equal pay for the same amount of work are totally fun, unimportant things. This guy is onto something but it's definitely not comedy.

He went on to say that if women were soldiers in World War II, we (the allied forces) would have lost the war, before somehow throwing in the idea that women practiced paganism which included sacrificing babies. The not-so-self hating woman next to him points out that women aren’t so adamant about going to war but her lackluster punchline went virtually unnoticed.

McInnis even went on to say that men are more likely to get raped because sexual assault is super funny. (FYI, according to RAINN, one out of every six women will be sexually assaulted compared to one in 33 men.)

If you’re feeling brave, check out the above video and try not to rage.

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