Donald Trump wanted to make it clear he doesn't need Fox News' latest GOP debate. So when Fox's Megyn Kelly pissed him off, he simply bailed out of it and organized his own veteran's charity event and scheduled it for the same exact time.

"I didn't want to be here, I have to be honest. I wanted to be about five minutes away," Trump said, referring to the Fox debate happening at the same time only a few miles away. "You have to stick  up for your rights, when you're treated badly."

Then Trump wasted no time at his event trying the humiliate Fox News, saying that they were hopingpractically beggingthat he'd change his mind and show up at their debate at the last minute. 

"[Fox has] been extremely nice in the last number of hours," Trump said smiling. "They wanted me there and they said 'how about now, can you come now?' and I said 'hasn't it already started'

"They've been very nice. ... They did apologize."

Then Trump began listing the rich people who had donated to his new veterans charity. Guess who was the second rich person he thanked on his list? Donald Trump!

"Donald Trump, another great builder in New York ... gave $1 million dollars, OK," Trump said.

It wasn't long before protesters interrupted.

Trump didn't seem bothered. 

"I love protests. ... I love protests at my rallies," he said. "I love the protesters in the big arenas, because the cameras never move, they're always on my face."

The most ironic part? Trump himself called skipping debates "cowardly" in 2012. There's video...