Wild Video Shows Leaping Deer Slam Into Pickup Truck Moments Before Sale

The vehicle's owner was forced to lower the agreed-upon price of $9,400 after the unexpected happened.

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The price of a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado took a hit when a leaping deer collided with the vehicle and caused a significant dent.

According to NBC News, Jay Vaughan was about to complete the sale of his pickup truck for $9,400 when a deer soared over two parked cars in a Hamilton Township, New Jersey driveway and crashed into the vehicle. To make matters worse, the incident occurred shortly after the buyer arrived.

"I just couldn’t believe it," Vaughan said. "You promised the guy that truck’s in immaculate condition and a deer comes out of nowhere and just caves the side of it in."

Vaughan and the unnamed buyer were able to agree to a new price of $8,500.

"I've watched it at least 100 times because it’s still funny to hear it crashed into the side of the bed," Vaughan said of the footage captured on his security camera.

Even though the deer was able to flee the scene, it's unclear if the animal sustained any injuries from the collision.

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