Hundreds of Gallons of Used Cooking Oil Stolen From a Chick-fil-A in Georgia

The location's manager said it was the fourth time that cooking oil has been swiped.

Image via Michael Siluk/UCG/Universal Images Group

Two men are accused of stealing hundreds of gallons of used cooking oil from a Chick-fil-A in Georgia earlier this month.

According to the Athens-Clarke County police report, obtained by WSB-TV, a U-Haul box truck pulled up to a dumpster located near the restaurant around 3 a.m. on Oct. 5. Two men exited the vehicle and proceeded to drain 200 to 300 gallons of fry oil from a container that held the oil to be recycled.

"They noticed that a lock had been cut off of the back gate, where the grease trap is located. From there they determined several hundreds of gallons of oil had been taken out of that," Lt. Jody Thompson said, per Fox 5 Atlanta.

The location's manager said it was the fourth time that used cooking oil has been swiped. Between 700 and 800 gallons of oil, worth $2,000, was stolen last time.

"It can be refined and sold and it can be used as fuel," Thompson said of the oil's high market value. "There are several different markets for the oil that recyclers can utilize."

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