Dylann Roof Allegedly Stopped by Another Church After Charleston Church Massacre

Dylann Roof's GPS indicates that he was just outside another church after the Charleston Church Massacre.

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Newly unsealed court documents indicate that Dylann Roof visited another church right after killing nine black worshipers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015. Roof's GPS shows that he visited the Branch African Methodist Episcopal Church, which was also holding its weekly Bible study that night, before shutting the device off for "several minutes." It is unclear if anyone was inside the church when he stopped by, or if the 22-year-old even went inside the house of worship. 

As Roof's attorneys fight to avoid the death penalty, and await his state trial, prosecutors assert this latest piece of evidence, which wasn't presented during his previous trial, signals that Dylann was actually considering another attack later that night. During his FBI interview, Roof told authorities that he didn't continue shooting after the Charleston Church Massacre because he was "too tired."   

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One survivor from the shooting at the Emanuel AME Church said that before leaving the place of worship, Roof put his gun to the survivor's head, pulled the trigger, but there were no bullets left in the chamber. 

Back in December, Roof was found guilty of his role in the massacre. Of the 33 charges which Dylann faced, 24 of them were deemed federal hate crime charges, while 18 carried the death penalty. In January, Roof's state trial was delayed for a second time. While there is no word on when exactly the trial will take place, prosecutors are adamant that it will. 

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