Arby's to Drop Sweatsuit That Smells Like Smoked Meat and People Have Thoughts

Arby's is celebrating the launch of its Real Country Style Rib Sandwich with the announcement of a limited run of sweatsuits that smell like smoked meat.




Arby’s announced Tuesday that the fast food sandwich chain is celebrating the debut of its Real Country Style Rib Sandwich with the limited launch of Smoked Sweats, which is a burgundy sweatsuit, made in collaboration with the apparel company Stateline, that smells like smoked meat. 

“When you’re sitting in a smokehouse, smoking the meat for Arby’s Real Country Style Rib Sandwich for hours and hours over real hickory wood, your brain starts to wander,” Arby’s said on its website. “You begin to wonder what a pair of premium sweats might smell like if they, too, were smoked over hickory wood for hours. Well, Arby’s found out.” 

Smoked Sweats will be available on Oct. 4 at noon EST. Hoodies will cost $65, while the sweatpants will run you $50. 

Arby’s latest sweatsuit offering comes nearly four years after Arby’s held a giveaway where people needed to use the hashtag #meatsweats while showcasing their favorite way to enjoy meat on social media in order to score a sweatsuit that featured a close-up shot of meat slices. 

The overwhelming response to the announcement of Smoked Sweats was the same, tiresome meat sweats joke, but some people expressed some real concerns about how repugnant it can be wearing the meat-scented sweatsuit, or be around the person who actually chose to cop one. 

You can check out some reactions to the news below.

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