Pusha T Linked Up With VP Nominee Tim Kaine to Discuss Justice System Reform

In a surprising pairing, Pusha T and VP nominee Tim Kaine sit down to discuss what's at stake this election.

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Pusha T is once again flexing his political muscles in support of Hillary Clinton. Earlier this month, the G.O.O.D. Music president did some campaigning in Miami with fellow Virginian and Clinton's Vice President running mate, Tim Kaine, and the presidential nominee's YouTube page has just shared their conversation.

After campaigning together at a block festival in Liberty City, Pusha T and Senator Kaine sat down to discuss the election, President Obama's legacy, and Clinton. They also covered the topics most important to them including the need for reforming our criminal justice system, restoring trust between communities and law enforcement, and access to education.

This election cycle, Pusha has been extremely vocal about the U.S. justice system being broken and has become an increasingly outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform. "We're definitely on the same page in regards to knowing that it's flawed and that it needs to be fixed," he explained to Kaine.

The VP nominee capped things off by paying a compliment to Pusha. "I'm so impressed with not only your art but that you are speaking a message to people and helping to advance our country and our commonwealth. You have a real ability to influence things."

This isn't the first time Pusha has teamed up with the Clinton campaign. Back in September, the rapper joined forces with Clinton to register voters by promising that anyone who registered through Clinton's official website would be entered to win a meet-and-greet with him. Twitter hilariously had a lot to say about the whole thing, but that hasn't stopped Pusha from being vocal for Clinton. Pusha's conversation with Kaine, however surprising, is just another way for the rapper to show his support for the candidate. You can watch their interview above.

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