The surprising connection between female orgasms and anal sex

These results might suprise you.

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The power of the female orgasm can be achieved in more ways than you might think. 

A recent posting by Mona Chalabi about the gender orgasm gap reveals that 64% of women achieved a climax the last time they had sex, but more than 90% confirmed climaxing while having anal sex. 

These results, at first, might imply that anal is more likely to make you finish at a higher rate than any other form of sexual play. However, Fusion helps us identify that after looking at the study a bit more closely, other factors might indicate otherwise: 

  • First and foremost, the study is very small: only 31 women participated in it 
  • How many positions and sexual acts you perform during sex completely impacts your level of climax. So if you're doing anal, you're likely trying other positions, too 
  • Because there are no sex organs in the anus, you are not going to finish just from receiving anal sex—something else is needed

The suggested conclusion here might be best described as typical social behavior: when someone does something selfless for you, you are likely going to return the favor by doing something selfless in return. Perhaps when heterosexual couples engage in anal sex, men are more likely to feel obligated to ensure their lady partner finishes as best as possible.

The real link here might just be be basic reciprocity: do your partner more favors, and you'll receive favors (or, um, anal) in return. 

[via Fusion]

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