Private Island in the Bahamas Going Up for Auction With Starting Bid of $19.5 Million

Little Ragged Island, a 730-acre private piece of land in the Bahamas, will be put up for auction with a starting bid of around $19.5 million.

The Bahamas

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The Bahamas

A private island in the Bahamas, which could be perfect for the entreprenuer looking to build a golf course/resort/fake music festival targeting dumb rich kids, will go on sale in late March. The name, which probably won’t entice too many potential buyers on its own, is Little Ragged Island. It also goes by St. Andrew’s. 

Said island currently has the distinction of being the largest private one available for purchase in that nation. Summed up by CNN, the 730-acre property contains “rolling forested hills and pristine white beaches, surrounded by warm blue ocean.” Note that the hills don’t really rise anywhere near mountain level, with the highest elevation on the chunk of land hitting about 40 feet. It also has two freshwater ponds, about six miles of coastline, coconut trees, flats for fishing, and flamingos. Fish you can snatch up for food (or just to let them go after putting a hook in their mouths) include grouper, barracuda, snapper, kingish, and tuna.

While the isolation is nice, it’s also just a 10-minute boat ride from Ragged Island, which has its own private airstrip. It also has deep water for large ships if you want to ride right up with your yacht. 

And if you don’t have a yacht (or yacht money) then this is going to be out of your price range. It’ll go up for sale on Concierge Auctions on March 26. The opening bid is expected to be $19.5 million, making this all a big tease. Obviously it’ll go to the highest bidder. To get in to that auction you’ll need to post a $100,000 deposit.

While that figure is fucking high, it represents a relative bargain when compared to a previous listing that was trying to sell the island for $35 million.

Bidding lasts until March 31. You can also get private virtual viewings over the internet. 

Anyway, the picture above is a stock photo that has absolutely nothing to do with the real thing. For images of what’s actually up for sale, see below:

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