Kellyanne Conway Says Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Against Trump Impeachment

"I don’t think it was within Dr. King’s vision," Conway said.


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White House Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway speaks to members of the media.

Though it can be a year-round sport, Monday was the day where you were most likely to see a clunky reference to Martin Luther King Jr. Corporate tweets...celebrity Instagram posts...cable news...they're incapable of passing up the opportunity. It's an annual tradition.

On the latter front, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway brought up MLK to denounce Donald Trump's impeachment. For context, Conway had been asked about the president's plans to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The question was posed to her by NBC News White House corespondent Geoff Bennett, with Bennett stating that the reason he did this is because the schedule that laid out the president's plans for Monday contained no references to him observing the holiday. 

"The president is preparing for Davos and agrees with many of the things that Dr. Martin Luther King stood for and agreed with for many years, including unity and equality," Conway began. “And he’s not the one trying to tear the country apart through an impeachment process and a lack of substance that really is very shameful at this point.” 

From there she carried forward with that same head-hurting connection.

“I’ve held my opinion on it for a very long time," she added. "[B]ut when you see the articles of impeachment they came out, I don’t think it was within Dr. King’s vision to have Americans dragged through a process where the president is not going to be removed from office, is not being charged with bribery, extortion, high crimes or misdemeanors, and I think that anybody who cares about ‘and justice for all’ on today or any day of the year will appreciate the fact that now the president now will have a full-throttle defense on the facts, and everybody should have that.”

Again, for context, Conway's comments come as the White House preps for Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, which is slated to start on Tuesday. 

Though there's really no point since, presumably, you read it, you can watch her comments below.

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