Video Shows Giant Lizard Storming 7-Eleven in Search of Food

A 6-foot-long water monitor lizard in Thailand went viral this week after it climbed out of a canal and stormed into a 7-Eleven in search of food.

Wild water monitor lizard in a river in Sri Lanka.

Image via Getty/REDA&CO

Wild water monitor lizard in a river in Sri Lanka.

This week, a six-foot-long monitor lizard emerged from a canal and then ran into a 7-Eleven in Thailand

The video is sweet:

what is going on!? 😭

— Complex (@Complex) April 7, 2021

Staff and customers in the store at the time are reported by the Daily Mail to have hid behind the counter as the beast (and I mean beast in the “damn, look at that tank” way, check him out) foraged for food. A clerk at the store called the police, and they came with reptile handlers who ended up handling said reptile. 

The customer who captured the footage explained her original intent (to get a drink) as well as the audible she called (not getting a drink) before she started to film. 

“I only stopped at the shop to buy some food and then saw the huge monitor lizard inside. I wanted to buy a drink but the animal was too close to the drinks aisle,” that customer said. “They’re dangerous animals, especially when they’re angry, so I stayed back and recorded it on my phone. I guess that shops have everything, even for lizards.”

Despite its alarming entrance, the lizard was unable to get food. The animal wranglers mentioned above took it into “nearby undergrowth.” It’s believed that it was struggling to find food on account of a several-months-long stretch of dry weather/little rain. Usually these lizards feast on fish, snakes, frogs, eggs, tiny mammals, and scraps from humans. Like many animals, they can be dangerous when they feel threatened and have a bite dubbed “mildly venomous.” Monitor lizards are the second largest lizard on the planet, behind only Komodo dragons. They also, um *runs out of facts, ends article*

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