Video of Fake Trump Shooting Opponents Reportedly Shown During Conference For Supporters At His Miami Resort

The event's organizers claim that the edited clip was unsanctioned, and that they're looking into how it got shown.

The outside of Trump National Doral Miami

Image via Getty/Joe Raedle

The outside of Trump National Doral Miami

According to the New York Times, a video combining photoshopped heads/media logos with the church massacre scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service was shown during a conference held for Trump supporters this past week at Trump's Miami resort, Trump National Doral Miami.

Simply summarized: the clip had Trump's face superimposed over Kingman's protagonist prior to gunning down/stabbing a round-up of opponents in the "Church of Fake News." Some of those many political opponents included: Bernie Sanders, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama. As for media organizations, some of the many depicted included: PBS, CNN, and Yahoo.

The organization heading up this pro-Trump conference is called American Priority, and additionally, a number of the president's top surrogates were scheduled to speak at some point during the event. These speakers include Florida governor Ron DeSantis, ex-spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and also the president's son, Don Jr. Through statements, the latter two claimed they didn't see the footage, while DeSantis didn't respond to the Times' request for comment.

The video (which can be viewed here if you want) had also originally been posted to YouTube back in September 2018, and had about 1,350 views at the time of writing.

The Times says that they obtained the footage after a person in attendance recorded a clip of it on his phone and then had it sent to a reporter through an intermediary. Furthermore, it wasn't made clear where in the resort the footage was shown.

On Sunday, one of the organizers for the event sent out a statement saying that the clip was part of a "meme exhibit." That organizer further denounced the video and claimed to be looking into how it ended up being shown.

“Content was submitted by third parties and was not associated with or endorsed by the conference in any official capacity,” said organizer Alex Phillips. “American Priority rejects all political violence and aims to promote a healthy dialogue about the preservation of free speech. This matter is under review.”

Though the clip contained a logo for Trump's reelection campaign, a spokesman for the campaign also denied knowledge of the video, while clarifying that it wasn't produced by them.

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