A Third Installment of 'Kingsman' Is on the Way

20th Century Fox confirmed Matthew Vaughn will return to the franchise as the writer/director; however, the studio has yet to announce any casting details.

Taron Egerton

Image via Getty/Daniel Leal-Olivas

Taron Egerton

Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn got what he wanted: a Kingsman trilogy.

On Saturday, 20th Century Fox announced that the third installment of the action spy comedy will hit theaters Nov. 9, 2019. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Vaughn, who helmed the first two films, will return for part three as the director/writer.

The studio has not confirmed any more details about the upcoming project, including casting information. The first two films starred Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Mark Strong as members of an elite spy agency based in the U.K. The original film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, found the agents trying to save the world from an evil business mogul named Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson. The 2017 sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, introduced a drug lord named Poppy, portrayed by Julianne Moore.

The films racked in $414 million and $410 million around the world, respectively.

Though nothing had been confirmed at the time, Vaughn began teasing Kingsman 3 in spring 2017.

“When we were writing [The Golden Circle], we were thinking about Kingsman 3 too,” Vaughn told Variety. “This is the bridge, if we can pull it off and get to make another one.”

Stay tuned as more information about the project becomes available.

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