Flight Spent 7 Hours in the Air After Failing to Land Three Times

A winter storm eventually forced the plane back to Toronto after three failed attempts to land in St. John's.

Aaronp / GC Images

A recent Air Canada flight from Toronto to St. John's, Newfoundland was only supposed to take three hours, but ended up being stranded in the air for seven after the plane was unable to land on three attempts.

According to the National Post, bad weather from a storm that rocked the east coast caused the flight to circle the skies waiting for an opporunity. When it didn't present itself after three tries, the flight went back to Toronto where it eventually landed.

Newfoundland based meteorologist Eddie Sheerr was sympathetic towards everyone involved in the flight.

Twitter: @EddieSheerr

"The crew on @AirCanada flight 698 did all they could to try and land early this morning in St. John’s, but the winds proved too high! They tried 3 times to land and ultimately had to fly back to Toronto," he said on X, formerly Twitter.

"They took off at 9:43 PM EST and landed back in Toronto at 4:39 AM EST. 7 hours in the plane.

"To those of you on the flight, my heart goes out to you as I know what that’s like. But please keep in mind that any choice made in flight deck has your safety in mind. The weather will be better tomorrow and flights should get back on track…"

Commenters had all kinds of questions for Sheerr, like why did they fly back to Toronto (he didn't know), did the passengers get extra Aeroplan mileage credit, while others said not being able to land is their "worst fear."

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