Pro-Rape Blogger Roosh Valizadeh Is a Donald Trump Fan, No One's Surprised

Roosh Valizadeh, the pro-rape blogger, is a Trump fan. Are you shocked?

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While Roosh Valizadeh has never been anything but the ultimate trash dude, he made headlines after he tried organizing an international mens-only happy hour event across 165 cities. Roosh ended up cancelling the event, but now more and more information about him and his antics are coming to light

Roosh, who is part of Pick Up Artists, a group of guys whose sole priority and preoccupation is getting laid, wrote an essay where he spoke about consent in the most disgusting of ways. Basically, he doesn't believe in it. While he claims it was all satire, his previous works and statements don't really have us believing him. For one, he's written books about how to have sex with different women from different countries (Bang Ukraine, Bang Poland...), and, well, that's probably enough. But then there's his ideology called "neomasculinity," which values things like patriarchy, red pill truths, male-only spaces, sexual marketplace value, and weightlifting. Of course.

Nevertheless, at an hour-long press conference on Saturday at a D.C. hotel, Roosh took his Men's Rights rhetoric to a new level, bringing up everything from Bill Cosby to his ideal U.S. president, a Mr. Donald Trump.

"The evidence I’ve seen is girls wanting to be with [Cosby] and take drugs with him,” Roosh told reporters, including one at the Daily Beast. "I don’t think [the women] are being honest." I don't know what evidence he is talking about, but wow.

Finally, Roosh was asked about his politics, and he not only revealed his "nationalistic" over "globalistic" sentiments, but also told the audience who his ideal president would be. "So I would lean more toward the nationalist: tradition, patriarchy, local solutions instead of globalization...Donald Trump comes the closest to what I think is true."

There you have it. Ultimate trash. 

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