A Man Missing for 30 Years Solves His Own Missing Person Case

A guy who went missing 30 years ago solves his own missing person case.

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When Edgar Latulip was 21-years-old he boarded a bus from a small Ontario town headed towards Niagara Falls, a place notorious for its suicides. Considering he had recently been in the hospital for a failed attempt, his mother, Sylvia Wilson, thought the worst after her son went missing. That is, until he showed up—30 years later. 

Edgar Latulip was living under a different name and identity about 80 miles away from where he first went missing. He apparently suffered from a head injury shortly after his disappearance, and it was only about a month ago that he began having flashbacks about his old life. Eventually he remembered his name and contacted the police.

According to the Washington Post, authorities said that Latulip was "developmentally delayed." Wilson also said that her son "functioned at the level of a child." It probably made it that much harder for authorities to find him.

The police won't reveal exactly what happened to Latulip before he went missing, and they also won't disclose how he got his head injury or what he has been doing up until today.

Back in 2014, Wilson told the Region Record that she feared her son had either been killed or buried, that she would have no way to find out exactly what had happened.

"This is always at the back of my mind," Wilson said. "Having an answer would mean closure. When Edgar disappeared, I became quite sick. I had to take a leave of absence from work. I was near a nervous breakdown."

Well, after all those years of worrying it looks like they'll finally be reunited. 

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