Women Posted Vacation Pics On Instagram Before $30 Million Cocaine Bust

Women caught in $30 million cocaine bust Instagrammed their whole vacation.

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For every man smuggling cocaine in his foreskin or woman smuggling cocaine in her breasts, there's people that don't go to extremes and still get busted, like the Canadian women pictured above who smuggled $30 million worth of cocaine onto a cruise.

On Sunday, the Australian Border Force arrested two Canadian women and one man, also from Canada, after they searched the cruise ship when it docked in Sydney Harbour and found their suitcases full of cocaine. The women were identified as 28-year-old Isabelle Lagacé and 22-year-old Melina Roberge, and the man was identified as André Tamine, 63.

According toLa Presse, the cruise set sail July 9 in London with stops including New York, Peru, Chile, and ending in Australia. Roberge Instagrammed photos of herself riding an ATV in Peru and sightseeing in Chile.

Australian Border Force commander Tim Fitzgerald told CBC News that of the 95 kilograms (around 200 pounds), valued at nearly $30 million, 35 kilograms was discovered in the women's luggage, with the remainder of the cocaine being found in Tamine's luggage. 

The Australian Federal Police charged the three with "importing a commercial quantity of cocaine," and they could face a life sentence. CBC News reported that police are investigating whether the three boarded the cruise with the drugs or if they acquired it along the cruise’s stops over the two month period.

The Australian Border Force said the bust was the biggest seizure of drugs on a cruise ship entering Australia.

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