A naked man in the UK had a hard time finding somewhere to stash his cocaine, so he hid it in his foreskin. He's one of many to put his body through the wringer in order to hide drugs, like the woman who smuggled cocaine in her breast implants or the woman smuggling $10,000 worth of cocaine in her vagina.

Police in Swindon, UK found 7.2 grams of cocaine 24-year-old Joshua Hare hid in his foreskin, the Salisbury Journal reported. On June 17, police arrived at a furniture store after receiving calls of a man shouting in the parking lot at around 8:30 a.m. Police arrived on the scene to find Hare naked and struggled to arrest him before taking him to a hospital. The packet of cocaine began to "emerge" when Hare was in police custody,  prosecutor Keith Ballinger said.

Hare pled guilty to cocaine possession Tuesday at Swindon Magistrates Court. His attorney Nick Redhead told the court Hare is homeless and has previously struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, according to Salisbury Journal. Hare also reportedly suffered kidney failure while in police custody earlier this year for what the Salisbury Journal described as "aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent."

"He fell into a coma and thought he was going to die," Redhead reportedly said in court. "He is a high risk of killing himself if he continues to misuse alcohol. He has managed to stay away from alcohol pretty much."

A judge gave Hare a suspended sentence in May for the unlawful taking of a vehicle. The Salisbury Journal  that the >Swindon Magistrates court activated Hare's 12-week suspended sentence in addition to imposing a $115 fee.