Wild Video Shows Man Open Fire on Another Car in Florida Road Rage Incident, Faces Felony Charges

A man is facing two felony charges after opening fire on a fellow driver in a harrowing road rage incident that unfolded on a Miami interstate.

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A Miami man faces two felony charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and firing a deadly missile after he opened fire in his car on a local highway, NBC Miami reports

Dashcam video shows 30-year-old Eric Popper firing nearly a dozen bullets through his windshield at another car. Popper told police that he was returning fire after the other driver shot at him. The other driver told authorities that he didn’t have a gun in his car, and actually threw a bottle at Popper’s car after he was cut off. 

Following the shooting, Popper pulled over and called 911. “I was just shot at… My car was hit. I returned fire back at the individual,” he told the dispatcher. 

“He pulled out his gun in self-defense and was justified in pulling out his gun,” Popper’s attorney, Robert Gershman said, per ABC 7 Chicago.

Per local authorities, the incident occured after Popper changed lanes and cut off the other driver, who then honked at Popper. That’s when Popper can be heard saying “Oh, fuck off” in the video, before reaching into the car’s middle console and pulling out his gun. 

Shockingly enough, no one was injured during the incident, which unfolded on a busy interstate. 

Popper ultimately turned himself in after voluntarily submitting the video to authorities,

Per Local 10 News, Popper has since resigned from his post as Miami Beach civilian fire inspector.

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